The checklicense program reads a licence and outputs information about it like date of expiration, who the license is registered to, type of license and version of the software it covers.


The full usage menu can be retrieved by running command:

> java -jar cpsign-[version].jar checklicense -h

  checklicense [options]
  checklicense @/tmp/runconfigs/parameters.txt [options]
  checklicense @C:\Users\User\runconfigs\parameters.txt [options]

  Get information about a CPSign license. Returns information about who the license is
  registered to, type of license, when it expires, version and if the license can be used
  for encryption.

  * -l  | --license                          [URI | path]
       Path or URI to license file

    -of | --output-format                    [text]
       Output format, options:
         (1) json
         (2) text | plain
       Default: 2

    -h  | --help | man
       Get help text
       Use shorter help text (used together with the --help argument)
    --logfile                                [path]
       Path to a user-set logfile, will be specific for this run
       Silent mode (only print output to logfile)
       Echo the input arguments given to CPSign


Gensign requires a valid Standard or PRO license as stated in the usage manual, but it will also require to use --smiles, --input or both flags.

Example Usage

> java -jar cpsign-[version].jar checklicense \
   --license /path/to/Predict-license.license

License Info:
License type:             Predict
Registered Owner:         Staffan Arvidsson
Registered Company:       Genetta Soft AB
License expiration date:  Wed Apr 24 13:34:48 CEST 2019
License version:          0.5.0
Supports encryption:      No

> java -jar cpsign-[version].jar checklicense \
   --license /path/to/Standard-license.license \
   -of 1

     "licenseExpirationDateAbsTime": 1556105786531,
     "licenseType": "Standard",
     "registeredCompany": "Genetta Soft AB",
     "supportsEncryption": false,
     "licenseExpirationDate": "Wed Apr 24 13:36:26 CEST 2019",
     "licenseVersion": "0.5.0",
     "registeredOwner": "Staffan Arvidsson"